Jane Cormier

Jane Cormier

About Jane Cormier

In her earlier years, Jane was a well-traveled opera singer who performed in Europe and the United States in leading operatic roles with major opera companies. Jane currently teaches at The Founders Academy in Manchester and works with Piccola Opera and Opera New Hampshire in educating the public in the realm of opera.

Deciding to jump onto the proverbial political stage in 2011, Jane enjoyed a substantial victory in Belknap District 8 (communities of Alton, Barnstead, and Gilmanton) and was voted into the 2012 – 2014 NH House of Representatives with over 70% of the vote. While serving in the NH House, Jane was staunch Conservative, believing government works for the people, not the other way around.

As a dedicated conservative, Jane looks forward to bringing fiscal oversight to the Executive Council. Jane is ready to take on the challenge of bringing her message of small, accountable government to the communities of Executive Council District 4. Jane plans on using her “voice” to champion common sense solutions to the fiscal challenges we face here in the Granite State while supporting New Hampshire infrastructure and job creation here in our state.

Where do Jane’s values come from?

As the youngest of eight children in a very extended family, Jane learned that problem solving and facing challenges head on, usually have beneficial results. Although Jane was the first in her family to graduate college, it was her deep faith that allowed her to pursue her dream to perform in opera. Through determination and hard work Jane feels blessed to have lived her dream of singing on the international operatic stage. Jane now looks to a different “stage”, using her energy and communicative talents to further the cause of small, accountable government in the Executive Council.

What are the standards by which Jane makes her decisions?

Under our state and federal constitutions, it is clear how government is to be structured in service of its citizenry. Jane respects and intends to refer to our constitutions if elected to the Executive Council. She believes it is important to honor our founding documents ensuring individual liberties are respected. Certainly, public servants should always be expected to honor their oath of office in service of our state. Jane Cormier will be committed to holding high ethical standards in support of New Hampshire Executive Council District 4.