Hon. William O’Brien, Former Speaker of the NH House

As a former NH House Speaker, I heartily endorse Jane Cormier for the Executive Council.

While Jane and I served together as state representatives, I came to know her as a dedicated, tireless, and effective advocate for the hardworking women and men of New Hampshire. The very qualities that make a great Executive Councilor – a dedication to detail while never losing sight of broader requirements, an openness to listening and working with others across the political spectrum, and courage, courtesy and coolness in the face of today’s harsh political rhetoric – are what Jane has become known for among her colleagues and constituents.

New Hampshire will be exceedingly well-served with Jane Cormier on the Executive Council and you have a great opportunity to make this happen.

Representative Mike Moffett, Merrimack 9

Jane Cormier has long been a reliable advocate for the traditional values so important to so many of us. As a legislator she established a clear record of support for accountability, limited government and the rule of law. New Hampshire would be very well-served by her presence on our Executive Council!

Ed Naile, Taxpayer Activist

As a taxpayer activist since 1988 I have come in contact with people all over New Hampshire and from almost every corner of the political spectrum. You meet a lot of people over the years. When it comes time for people to sign up to run for office it seems like you know, or have worked with quite a few. Often, you know and respect candidates who are running for the same office. That situation is certainly a win-win. In the case of the upcoming primary for the Executive Council Seat, District 4 which includes the communities of Allenstown, Auburn, Barrington, Bedford, Bow, Candia, Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom, Goffstown, Hooksett, Lee, Londonderry, Loudon, Manchester, Northwood, Nottingham, Pembroke, and Pittsfield, I know all the conservative candidates for that position. I would like to offer my pick of the more than qualified candidates who have announced. My choice for that Executive Council Seat is the two-fisted pixie from Hooksett – Jane Cormier. I think Jane Cormier would be a breath of fresh air in the Executive Council. She works hard. She is grassroots, speaks her mind, and Jane is as dedicated as you can get when she takes on a project. Please consider Jane Cormier for District 4 Executive Council.

Representative Linda Gould, Hillsborough 7

I admire Jane’s conservative and constitutional position on issues and know that she will perform her due diligence, and base her votes on their value to the business community, the economic development of the state, and the betterment of New Hampshire’s culture. She is the perfect candidate for Executive Council.

Representative Kathy Souza, Hillsborough 43

Knowing Jane Cormier in her capacity as a member of the NH House, as president of NH Right to Life, and as a respected teacher, I have no doubt she will serve the citizens of New Hampshire honorably and well. A vote for Jane is a vote for integrity and responsibility to the voters.

Representative Dave Testerman, Merrimack 2

I am very happy to give my endorsement to Jane Cormier for election to the Executive Council. Her tenacity and determination are what we need. We don’t need a career politician. We need Jane.

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