The Campaign

Honorable Jane Cormier

Honorable Jane Cormier

Jane Cormier for Executive Council District 4
502 W. River Road, #127
Hooksett, NH 03106
Phone: 603.781.5695

Fiscal Agent – Barbara Comtois
Campaign Manager – Ken Eyring

Note: Donations should be made out to: “Friends of Jane Cormier”

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Londonderry Fish & Game statehouse_event

Londonderry Fish & Game

From June 08th to June 08th

Hooksett, NH hooksett_library

Hooksett, NH

From June 09th to June 09th

Lancaster, NH porcfest

Lancaster, NH

From June 15th to June 24th

Manchester, NH cnht_event

Manchester, NH

From July 07th to July 07th